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$75 Pre-Conference Only (After 10/21/2017 $100)
$125 Conference Only (After 10/21/2017 $150)
$200 Both Pre-Conference and Conference (After 10/21/2017 $250)
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Individual Group (Must be 8 or more; $75 per person until 11/15/2017)

Anna Flores, International Meeting Planners, Inc. is the conference registration coordinator and has the authority to receive funds on behalf of Region 16 ESC. For registration fees please see downloadable flyer. DO NOT MAKE YOUR PURCHASE ORDER TO ESC REGION 16. Make your Purchase Order to: IMP/International Meeting Planners, Inc.

Make checks payable to IMP/International Meeting Planners, Inc. and mail to:
P.O. Box 10307
Corpus Christi, TX 78460-0307

For Additional Information:
Phone (361) 241-4535
FAX (361) 241-7913

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