Poster Presentations

Proposal for Poster Presentations at CECON
Some companies restrict reimbursed conference attendance to only those employees that are officers or are presenting information. Poster presentations provide another avenue for members to participate in the CECON program.

Ground Rules for Participation:

  • Limited to 40 participants.

  • Topic must be relevant to the CECON theme (the 2017 theme is Resiliency in Engineering) and be approved by the committee.

  • CECON will provide tack-board easels. Each easel will have a number.

  • Posters will be placed along the corridor leading to the exhibit hall and displayed all each day of the conference.

  • All attendees will have the opportunity to vote on their top four favorite posters using the CECON phone app during the first day of the conference.

  • The top four Posters will be identified beginning the second day of the conference using balloons or ribbons and announced during the Thursday morning networking breakfast.

Participants Must:

  • Submit topic and draft abstract (limit 1 page) 2 months prior to CECON (September 20-22, 2017). Approval notifications will be sent 1 within week after the deadline for topics. Presenters must include employer, e-mail address, and phone number with their proposal.

  • Register for a minimum of the first two days of the conference.

  • Provide pdf of the poster 2 weeks prior to the event. This PDF will be used if the poster is selected for the Lightning Round.

  • Bring one paper copy of their poster and mount it to their assigned board location. It is recommended that posters be transported by hand in sealed rigid tubes or a portfolio case to prevent damage.

  • Stand beside their poster and answer questions one-on-one in the corridor for two separate one-hour periods (am/pm) during the first day of the conference. The presenter may stand beside their poster at other times that they have availability.

  • Be prepared to present, if selected, their poster as part of Lightning Round on the second day of the conference. Only the top four Posters will present in a special Lightning Round.

  • The poster board number assigned to the poster must be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the tack board. A poster board number cut-out will be provided and should be visible at all times.

Specifications for Posters:

  • Poster displays will be limited to one side of a 4’ x 8’ tack board. Tacks will be provided. The recommended poster size is 3’ x 6.5’ (36” x 72”). All posters should be horizontally oriented.

  • A poster board number will be provided at check-in and should be visible at all times. The poster display number, topic, and presenter will be printed on 8.5” x 11” horizontally oriented paper and attached to the top left corner of board.

  • Presenters will bring multiple copies of their final one page abstract. Their abstract shall include the presenter’s and additional authors’ name, employer, e-mail address, and phone number. If needed, additional copies can be made on site for a fee.

  • The use of typewritten pages, handwritten text, or a printed PowerPoint presentation pages as a poster is unacceptable.

  • Posters should stimulate discussion, not give a long presentation. Therefore, keep text to a minimum, emphasize graphics, and make sure every item included in your poster is necessary.
    • Goal: 20% body text, 40% graphics such as images, charts, or figures, 40% space which could include logic flow arrows or a non-white background color/image.
    • Make sure ideas flow logically from one section to the next.
    • Use charts and graphs to illustrate data (avoid large tables of raw data).
    • Use high resolution photographs (web images often will not work).
    • Do not use all capital letters.

  • Be consistent.
    • Keep fonts a consistent style for headings, body text, tables. Avoid using more than 3 fonts. The body text letter height shall not be smaller than 18 pt.
    • Keep consistent margins. Use non-printing guide (construction) lines to help align elements when that is desired.
    • Keep line spacing consistent.
    • Keep the color, style, and thickness of borders the same. Avoid using no more than 2 to 3 colors. Use contrasting colors for text and background. Avoid using two mid-tone colors together like red on blue.
    • Keep shading consistent and avoid over using it.

  • Test for readability. The main title banner should be legible from 20 feet away, the section heading should be legible from 10 feet away, and the body text should be legible from 6 feet away.

  • A title block shall be included in the bottom right corner of the poster and shall include the poster title, presenter’s full name and titles, logo of presenter’s employer, e-mail address, and phone number. The size of the title block shall not exceed 3” x 6”.

Lightning Round Format:

  • The poster will be projected on the screen during each presentation. The physical poster will remain in the hall.

  • At the start of the each presentation, the presenter will give a 10 to 30 second self-introduction and transition into describing their Poster. At the 10 minute mark the presentation will end and a five minute question / answer period will begin.

  • Each of the Lightning Round presenters will be given a prize and special recognition at the awards banquet.


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