Lightning Rounds



Lightning Rounds are designed to teach, inform and highlight important ideas or interests centered on the theme of the conference – “Resiliency in Engineering”. This fast-paced program is designed to demonstrate a topic in a quick and insightful manner; to dive right to the heart of the issue and engage the audience.

Each Lightning Round session will last one hour with a maximum of four presentations in each session. Each presentation is made by one individual who will have 10 minutes to speak on their topic after which a 5 minute question and answer session will be allowed. Slide presentations to illustrate the talk are encouraged and presenters should avoid excessive lead-up (history, background) but get directly to their main point. The goal is to present information quickly and effectively during the session.

Winners will be awarded a $50 gift card and be invited to present their topic in a future ASCE Texas webinar.

Submit your proposal for a presentation by July 15 to   Accepted presenters will be notified by August 1.

Ground rules for Lightning Rounds are as follows:

  • Presentations are to be of civil engineering interest and will be rejected if they contain obvious commercial intent or introduce personal attack.

  • The session Moderator will start each presentation by announcing the presenter’s name, position, and company before starting the presentation. The 10 minute timer starts when the presentation starts.

  • Presentations are limited to 10 minutes including a 30 second self-introduction while the title slide is displayed. The presenter should expound on their authority on the topic.

  • Only one person is allowed to present.

  • Oral presentations should be accompanied by a slide presentation of up to a maximum of 1 title slide, 19 topic, and a "questions?" slide.

  • A single title slide is required for all presentations and must include the presenter’s topic, name, title, employer, and contact information. The timer set for this slide is set to 30 seconds.

  • There can be a maximum of 19 content slides covering the civil engineering topic. The timer set for these slides will be evenly divided among the actual number of prepared topic slides. For example, a presentation with 19 slides the timer will be set to 30 seconds for each slide. For a presentation with 10 slides the timer will be set to 57 seconds for each slide.

  • The final slide will have the phrase “Questions and Answers”. The timer set for this slide will be set to 5 minutes. At the conclusion, the moderator will announce the next speaker.

  • Slides must be prepared such that the slides advance automatically and will conclude at exactly ten minutes after start, not including the 5 minute question slide. If there is a problem with the slides automatically advancing, the moderator will manually advance the slides at a regular interval based on the total number of slides.

  • Slide show must be submitted in Microsoft PowerPoint (pptx) 2010 or newer version to ensure compatibility with the computer in the presentation room. As a backup, we ask that each presenter also submit a pdf (one slide per page) copy of the slide show.

  • Avoid using non-standard fonts. They will not be loaded on the presentation computer and your presentation may not render as you intended.

  • Slide presentation must be submitted by the deadline as part of the proposal so that they may be preloaded onto the presentation computer in advance of the Lightning Round session.

  • Personal equipment will not be used for the presentation. The schedule is very compressed and will not allow for changing of computers.

  • Speakers/presentations will be listed in order of presentation and the list will be posted in the session room so that each speaker will be aware of when their time is approaching and they can be ready to present.
  • If a speaker is not present when their time has arrived, the next available presenter will take that time slot and the original presenter will then be moved to the end of the session.

  • Speaker may not manipulate the slides during the presentation (no pausing, advancing, or going back).

  • No questions from the audience will be allowed during the 10 minute presentation.

  • At the conclusion of the talk, two questions, at most, will be allowed from the audience. This will be contingent, however, on enough time remaining in the 5 minutes allotted for Q&A.

  • The Moderator will be responsible for ending the Q&A in a timely manner and accomplishing the speaker changeover in one minute or less.

  • Winners of each Lightning Round session will be determined by the audience immediately on conclusion of the session. Voting may be by either paper or electronic ballot.

Proposals for CECON 2017 Lightning Rounds must be received by close of business on July 15 and include:

  • Presentation topic
  • Speaker's contact information
    • Name
    • Job title
    • Employer
    • Email address
    • Phone number
  • An abstract of no more than 100 words describing the presentation

Presenters will be notified by August 1.

All presentations (pptx file and pdf file) are due September 4th.  These files will be pre-loaded on the comoputer in the presentation room.

Join the fun in these fast paced presentations at CECON 2017!  You could win a $50 gift card AND be invited to present your topic more fully in an ASCE Texas webinar! Submit your proposal to today!

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