Sean Cain

Lead Your School


Sean Cain spent the formative years of his career working in difficult instructional settings. Recognized for the success of both his students and the systems he de­signed and implemented, he quickly moved up through the instructional leadership ranks. This culminated in his last public education position as State Director of Innovative School Redesign (Texas). Currently, Cain serves as the Chief Idea Officer for Lead Your School (LYS), a confederation of successful school leaders dedicat­ed to improving student, campus, and district performance. A passionate speaker, Cain is a sought-after national presenter and trains educators in schools and dis­tricts across the county. The primary foci of Cain’s current research and fieldwork are making complex problems solvable and the translation of theory into system­atic practice. You can follow the progress of Cain and the educators he works with through his daily online column at and read his daily observa­tions at

Best-selling author, national presenter and Texas educator, Sean Cain, makes complex education problems solvable and transforms education theory into systematic practice. In his Lead Your School workshop, the audience will participate in a three-part, power-packed day of learning:

1.    The Exciting World of Instructional Infrastructure: Addresses the three foundation infrastructure components necessary to    leverage teacher capacity and increase student achievement.

2.    Cultivate to Great: Describes the process for creating an environment that encourages teacher growth and accelerates their skill acquisition.

3.   Fundamental Change: Shares the lessons learned from observing great teachers and how the increased use of The Fundamental 5 has a powerful and positive impact on instructional rigor and the overall classroom dynamic.

Book and extensive handouts will be provided.