Cynthia Garrison

Building Relationships: With Child, With Families, With Community


Cynthia holds both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Child and Human Development Family Studies, with her Master’s Minor in Counseling, is a Certified Family Life Educator, a Certified Parent Educator, a Certified Anger Management Specialist, a Certified Family Life Coach, a Parenting Coordinator and a Mediator for families. She has worked with families in the North Texas area for 16 years for organizations such as, Plano Independent School District, Region 10, Parenting Partnerships, Practical Parent Education and her own private prac­tice, Positive Conflict Solutions, LLC. She has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, Plano Profile and interviewed by Cooper Clinic and Fox 4 News Station. She is also a published author with works in college text books such as Wisdom for Parents Edited by Robert Keim and Arminta Jacobson and articles in research journals. She is a trainer for professionals working with parents in school districts and organizations, a practitioner of Family Life Education, marriage education and parent education for organizations, churches, families and individuals, and more importantly is a parent and a wife. She is on the Board of several organizations such as This Side Up! Family, Texas Association of Parent Edu­cators (TAPE), Texas Council on Family Relations (TxCFR) and others.

She has been married to Kenny for 28 years and has two children, a daughter who is 22, who attends Texas Woman’s University and a son who is 20 who attends Collin College. She and her family are active members of their church. In her spare time, Cyndi likes to read, garden and travel.

Cynthia’s dynamic personality and humor make her a highly sought after speaker, while her practical, real life examples and strategies propel her to the title of expert in her field. Cynthia’s specialties are understanding child behavior and identifying appropriate strategies, teaching anger management and communications skills, prob­lem solving for families, and mediating conflicts.

When we talk about student success, we usually think of test scores. Student success goes beyond the classroom and involves the families and community. Schools must ensure the relationships with each involved; the child, the families and the community, and grow and maintain these positive relationships.

Cynthia Garrison will address the barriers which prevent parent and family engagement, strategies to overcome those barriers, encourage healthy communication among family, child and school and share ideas on ways to change the way we think about parent and family engagement to safeguard the end goal, Building Relationships.